1. Fifty Five
    Mark Browne

  2. At The Window
    Mark Browne

  3. the Aylesbury concert
    Sonic Pleasure/Mark Browne/Dan Gregory

  4. BURNS

  5. An Appreciation Of Delicacy
    Mark Browne

  6. An Anatomy Of Summer

  7. Between The Wild Boar And The Nightingale
    Mark Browne

  8. Odds Of The Two

  9. Crush!!!

  10. H

  11. Scaled down
    Mark Browne and Adam Bohman

  12. Some Antique Talk

  13. Taste Like Shade (rough 1st mix)

  14. Sparks and Dice

  15. The Illusion Of Printed Words

  16. Ruined Finery - The 52nd Recording
    Mark Browne

  17. Archipelagos of stars
    Mark Browne

  18. The Voluptuousness Of Hearing
    Mark Browne, Sylvia Hallett, James Malone, Douglas Benford

  19. The Dice Throw in Eternal Circumstances
    Mark Browne, Geraldine Gallavardin, Rose Osborne, Anthony Osborne, Spinecakes

  20. Escaping The Dirty Fates

  21. Lowest Tide

  22. Afternoon in the museum of dreams

  23. Happy Birthday
    Crush!!! and Ansuman Biswas

  24. Elegy Of The Three Kings
    Mark Browne/Ian McLachlan/Matt Scott

  25. Tryst
    Ian MacGowan

  26. Liberty
    Ian MacGowan, Mark Browne

  27. A Tidal Change

  28. Dog Fossils
    Crush!!! with Adam Bohman

  29. Lost Station

  30. Movements
    Ian MacGowan, Ian McLachlan, Mark \Browne

  31. For Oratorio Number 2

  32. Lift To The Second Floor

  33. The Air-condition Nightmare

  34. The Gifted Amateurs

  35. Drift in Red Shift
    Sonic Pleasure

  36. The Gleaming Princess
    The Gleaming Princess

  37. Dead-Born From The Press
    The Fanatics Of Disaster

  38. White Swan
    Mark Browne

  39. Scaledown - 26th September 2014
    Mark Browne

  40. Dark Lamping

  41. The Clocks Are Not Kind
    Mark Browne

  42. Something, Remote, Uncontrolled

  43. Emasculation and Mediocrity
    Mark Browne

  44. Fiddle's Elbow 16th June 2015

  45. Hanging as still as Hawk and Hawkmoth
    Terry Day/Mark Browne

  46. Hyperbole!
    Mark Browne​/​Spinecakes​/​Alec McGrory​/​Dan Gregory​/​aylwin​/​Joanna Beck​/​Jake Mounsher

  47. Rack Screams - From the Museum of Indiscretions
    Rack Screams

  48. Electric Knife
    Mark Browne/Spinecakes

  49. We are...
    Mark Browne with Jon Samsworth and Browne/Sanderson/Thompson

  50. Hundred Years
    Lust Rolers, Spasebar, Matt Cargill, Sharon Gal and Aylwin

  51. Summer and its mitigation of roses
    Terry Day/Dan Goren/Martin Hackett/Mark Browne

  52. MK Gallery 03022018
    Structured Disasters

  53. Jackets Off
    Crush!!! + Adrian Dollemore/Dan Gregory + Angharad Davies/Graham Dunning

  54. Lascivious Poisons
    Mark Browne/Spinecakes

  55. A Study Of Nostalgias
    Mark Browne

  56. 150 Churches
    Nostalgia Blocks


crush!!! UK

Sonic Pleasure, Mark Browne and Ian MacGowan. Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique crafting of sound from bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert. Mark Browne plays castrato saxophone, broken glass, percussion, whistles and bones. Ian MacGowan will play trumpet in an extraordinary manner. ... more

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